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18.10.2003, 10:40
I have a legally purchased copy of Max Payne 2 that I am attempting to play from an ISO located on the hard drive for convenience, noise (CD drives are noisy) and hopefully a decrease in load times. However, this game doesn't seem to launch with Daemon-Tools 3.41 (rather the executable launches, then exits).

I created the ISO image with BlindRead;
I am using Daemon-Tools 3.41 to mount the image;
The executable launces, then exits (similar behavior to GTA:Vice City if the proper emulations are not enabled);
I have tried all emulation options in Daemon-Tools to no avail.

I didn't see any posts regarding the type and version of copy protection on Max Payne 2 so I thought I'd throw this up here in case anyone has any ideas. Thanks in advance.

18.10.2003, 15:22
U can't use ISO for this, try to make MDS using Alcohol 120% and use Securom NEW v4.* profile and enable RMPS emulation

20.10.2003, 02:40
Thanks, that did the trick!

23.10.2003, 14:06
does a .bin file do the same as a .mds file?
or dosnt it work just like the .iso?

23.10.2003, 14:09
Only Alcohol mds and Blindwrite bwa work, anything else won't!