View Full Version : All DVD+-RW recognized as DVD-ROM

09.11.2006, 21:56
Since I installed 4.06, it seems I cannot burn any dvds since my drive thinks it has read only media in it. I've tried several differrent DVDs (+ and - and different brands), with no luck.

I can read from them, but cannot write to them using nero or even clear them using windows explorer.

I tried uninstalling DT 4.06, but that hasn't helped either.

(I'm running XP home, on AMD X2 4600+ system.)

Any advice on how to get my drive writing again would be very much appreciated!

10.11.2006, 16:24
Disable "Ignore Media Type" in Alcohol.

19.11.2006, 11:02
Alcohol? I don't use Alcohol. I use Nero and even just the Windows Explorer... something funny going on. I'm going to try installing the new version of DT and see if it helps....

Hmmm... but I DID have alcohol installed. I installed the new version of DT, but it didn't help.

So I opened up Alcohol, disabled the "Ignore media type" as suggested.

What do you know? I was able to erase with Alcohol. I was ALSO able to erase with nero and burn with nero as I was wanting!!!

Thanks! I'm happy again now! :)