View Full Version : How can i keep letter on virtual drive ?

10.11.2006, 07:13
I have an usb hard drive and daemon tool 4.06 with last spdt.
Letter of my virtual drive in daemon tool is G: but when I reboot the letter change and the letter of my hard drive usb too.
I would like keep the letter. How I can ?

10.11.2006, 13:03
I'm afraid this is a Windows issue. Drive letter assignment is handled strictly by Windows itself.

10.11.2006, 23:19
are you sure ? no solution ?

11.11.2006, 05:43
Someone else may have a suggestion for you, but I'm afraid I'm not aware of one, short of a fresh install of Windows.

11.11.2006, 07:14
It seems that Windows doesn't recognize your USB harddrive ID. In the Drive management console you can right click on the usb drive and then choose "write identifier" (or similar in english). After that Windows should recognize your hard drive.

You might also try setting the drive letter of your virtual drive in this drive management console. maybe this helps.

11.11.2006, 19:16
i don't find where ? i m in admnistration tool, drive and i have not this option !