View Full Version : must i install sptd driver

10.11.2006, 08:06
hello everbody!

sorry but i am a newb in this sphere
i use nero6.6 and windows xp, must i install the sptd driver?
or is it enough to install daemon tools 4.0.6?

i installed dt 4.0.6 and get the message "invalid device"

thx for help
regards Max

10.11.2006, 10:48
dt 4 uses sptd, as does alcohol..

so nope, you can't have daemon tools 4 without sptd installed
if you want to use a version without sptd try 3.47

11.11.2006, 18:37
Please wait for next Daemon Tools version, it should fix the invalid device issue for good.

11.11.2006, 20:02
thx all

lg Max