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10.11.2006, 08:29
Daemon tools is invaluable to me.
It let's my kids change game without the hassle of changing discs (and misplacing them!), but..

Some older games insists on starting the setup/install program when the disc is inserted!
I want to be able to selectively disable/enable autoun for the virtual drive from a batch file sa some games start perfectly on autorun.
I've downloaded deamon scipt but finds nothing there how t do it.
I've tried using reg.exe to enable/disable general autostart but to no effect.
Can I use daemon script to do this and if so how??

10.11.2006, 13:05
Yes, Daemon Script will do this. When you process the command to Mount an image, there's a checkbox to "Enable disc autorun/autoplay". Just uncheck it.

11.11.2006, 20:35
Ahh no, that won't do.
I don't want my 5 year old son to have to go onte deamon tools an chek/uncheck boxes.

I wan't to be able to mount the cd form command line and from the command line enable/disable autostart.
Some games should autostart, most of them actually so I don't have to write a batch file for those, just change the shortcut to a line with deamon mouinting the file and thus autostarting.
But the exceptions I wan't to be able to mount from a batch file without autostarting, without the need of cheking/uncheckin boxes.
keep it simple (for the user, not for me).

But thanks for replying !

12.11.2006, 22:07
You obviously misread what I typed. I said in "Daemon Script" there's an option to check or uncheck autorun/autoplay. You select it when you're creating the DaemonScript shortcut. Once it's selected, it's done automatically when you run the script.

13.11.2006, 17:42
Ahh, yes I misunderstod you!

16.11.2006, 03:56
Hey guys i don't know if this fall into the same category but check this out:

i sucessfully installed a game with a mounted image. Then i click on the desktop shortcut and i hear my default cd drive spinning and it said please insert playdisc.

Damn thing is that the playdisc is mounted with daemon tool...

So i tried to remount the cd and wait for the autorun menu and it said error game launching.

thx in advance

16.11.2006, 20:21
-How did you create your imeage (program and settings you used?) ?
-WHich Game is it?
-Which protection does it have?

26.11.2008, 23:32
thx in advance
you got mail