View Full Version : ntldr is missing

11.11.2006, 03:08
ive searched the forums for this and have found other threads but none of them have helped...

i downloaded the newest version of daemon tools and started to install it. wen it prompted me to restart the computer i did and instead of just restarting it now says "ntldr is missing"... ive tried to boot from the windows CD but that hasnt worked... i dont have roxio or anything like that... i rlly need help... thanks

11.11.2006, 19:28
What do you mean by " ive tried to boot from the windows CD but that hasnt worked"? That must work. You probably need to check your hdd in recovery console.

12.11.2006, 02:15
ntldr is part of the boot process. recovery console is not going to help you much in this case, that is, unless you mean by booting from the CD and using recovery console that way.

I really cant see daemon tools having anything to do with this. This sounds more like a virus/file corruption then something that can be blamed on daemon tools.

12.11.2006, 23:09
Boot from the CD, go to the Recovery Console and run fixboot. If necessary, run fixmbr as well, but that can cause problems with your partition table which could potentially lead to data loss, so run it only if fixboot doesn't work.