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11.11.2006, 20:49
I never had this problem until recently. When I launch a program with curerom, my antivirus pops up saying a virus has been detected: Trojan.Hookapi.A. It says the files are 0AEA76A6.dll and 6EA70AAE.dll. Those files are located in my temp folder. Does anyone know how I can fix this or why this is happening? :confused:

12.11.2006, 00:20
It isn't a trojan, only a false alert of your antivirus, i think you use antivir ;)

12.11.2006, 01:57
yup false positive for sure...

12.11.2006, 02:11
correct. CureROM uses a hook *.dll file in order to get around the copy protection. this method has also been used by viruses in the past (to infect files that are being loaded/are loaded). This is why most av software reports this as a virus.

12.11.2006, 07:38
Could you guys check your temp folder in local settings after you launch a program with curerom and see if there anthing similar to 0AEA76A6.dll and 6EA70AAE.dll? If so then I think it is a false alert because this never happened until recently.

12.11.2006, 18:30
those files ARE created by curerom.. seriously its a false positive

test: delete them, reboot, check the folder if they're there on reboot, run curerom, launch a game.. check the folder..

those files are randomly named, by curerom...to avoid detection

12.11.2006, 23:15
Also, if you launch a game with CureROM and then quickly look in the Task Manager, you'll see a similarly named process running.