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12.11.2006, 05:46
I have NO idea what is going on.

I started up my computer after having to improperly shut 'her down. At startup, everything seemed fine, until I got an error from Daemon Tools. I wasn't able to catch the error, sorry. I closed it. But now, nothing is starting up. Not even my desktop, apparently. Because when it seems to be my desktop, it even had the wallpaper, I cannot get he right-click menu. I can't access my computer. At all. I briefly asked my brother and he said it was as if Windows Explorer wasn't working....which is weird, because the error came from Daemon Tools. I am only able to talk to you now because firefox recognized that my session of windows closed early (when I didn't shut down the proper way) and was able to re-open itself. Even with Firefox maximzed, a bar at the top is missing from where my toolbar/taskbar/whatever should be. Please tell me if this can go away if I restart a few more times, or help me in any way; I can't access anything at all. !!

12.11.2006, 22:14
Press CTRL-ALT-DEL and run the Task Manager. Right-click on explorer.exe and end the process. Then click on File -> New Task (Run...) and type explorer.exe when prompted. Hit OK and your desktop should return.