View Full Version : Workaround for Windows lockup at boot...

12.11.2006, 19:44
I have used daemon tools forever... I've had a lot of different hardware configurations and none of them have given me trouble until the upgrade I did this weekend. I picked up the new Nvidia 8800 GTX and an Nforce 680i board to go with it. My past few computers have been raid configurations using the onboard raid controllers. Unfortunately, with the 680i board, I can't seem to use them.

My symptoms:
After installing Demon Tools, the virtual drives would work for a few reboots and then after random number of reboots, the entire XP install would stop booting. Safe mode didn't help, the PC would lock up almost immediately and not offer an option to ESC the SPTD driver.

My troubleshooting:
Because this was a new PC, I pretty much through out each install as it borked. I could boot in to the recovery console and delete the SPTD drivers but attempting to reinstall (or upgrade to 1.35) did nothing. I tried installing DT before I took SP2 and I tried it after. I also tried keeping autodismount off.
Nothing solved the problem.

My workaround:
On a whim, I decided to start doing my installs using unraided drives because each new install of XP is a pain when you have to add raid drivers during the setup process (and I was doing a lot of new installs) The problem has gone away.

I've been installing and rebooting for a few days now without a problem so if none of the various other solutions work for you, and daemon tools is important to you, try an unraided solution.