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02.12.2002, 01:09
Hi !

I allow me to forward on this board a mail I have sent to webmaster@daemon-tools.net.

It can help to resolve those problems of intempestive reboots.

I tell you that no one of the virtual CD software works on my computer (FantomCD, VirtualCD, Daemon tools, Alcohol). All give me the same problem, reboot. :cry: Even if my firewal is disable or not.

I've got a chipset VIA KT133A with windows drivers not VIA 4in1.

---- Forwared message ----
I'm in trouble with DTools under Windows XP SP1.

I've got a virtual CD drive ceated by DTools. I can not uninstall it. I
tried with DTools (Number of drives > Disable);
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with Windows utilies but
it's always here.
When I try in windows safe mode to... Windows detects it every ime.

When I tried to disable it, my computer reboots every time !

I've got ZoneAlarm firewall. When the detection of the drive is running, my
firewall informs me that rundll32.exe try to communicate with

This page (http://online.securityfocus.com/archive/88/286211) explains this
IP :
"wustat.windows.com ( -
One Redmond Way
Redmond, WA 98052

When I ask my firewall to communicate or not at this IP, my computer
I remind you that this exchange happend when the DTools virtual drive is
detect by windows.


I hope you are understand me. English is not my native language !

Thanks in advance. And thanks for your very good soft, really great but I
found THE bug ! ;))


12.12.2002, 23:16
Does the IRQ sharing function include in APCI mode can be the source of reboots ?

12.12.2002, 23:25
Download XPAntispy (http://www.xpantispy.de/download.htm) to get rid of M$ґ spyactivities!

21.12.2002, 15:45
After multiple tests, I say that virtual CD drive softwares are not compatible with Ahead InCD.

Ahead could sell a better UDF Packet writing software ...

29.12.2002, 06:21
I have the same problem. Everytime I go to disable Daemon Tools my computer will reboot on its own. I am using the latest updated version of XP. Can anybody help?

30.03.2003, 15:38
I'm also having the same problem...

I'm running the newest release of Zone Alarm as well, and Norton AV 2003.

I have Ahead directCD on my computer but it's not running at the time of the problem.

I've made a few service tweaks to my WinXP sp1, I left ON the removable drive service in hopes of avoiding any problem like this... apparently it didn't help. I've tried this with 2.8 and I just downloaded the new 3.29 but it makes no difference... windows is reacting like I'm pulling a live drive out of my computer and shutting down instantly.

02.04.2003, 23:28
After browsing the forums I noticed Roxio CD Creator played hell with Daemon tools... while I never had any problems with it on Win2k or Win98... it seems XP, Roxio, and DT just don't get along. I un-installed Roxio and now I can remove drives without XP booting down. Problem fixed.