View Full Version : Why won't it work? I can't play the game with DAEMON!

19.10.2003, 17:06
Operating System: Windows XP
Burning Software: Nero Burning ROM
Anti-virus Software: F-Secure
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

I have been sitting here now all afternoon trying to get my Warcraft 3 to work. I bought the game a while ago and i don't play it so often, but i would like to have a Virtual CD of it. I have already made one and i have started it with DAEMON. Here comes the problem, it won't start. When i try to start the game, it tells me that i don't have a valid CD in the drive. But i do, i have even reistalled and installed with the Image file!

Please help me!


19.10.2003, 17:16
How did you make your image? What settings?

19.10.2003, 19:38
I didn't make it a friend helped me out, do you need some kind of speciel settings when you make a image for it to work?

19.10.2003, 20:56
You should use an app like alcohol 120%/52%. Depending on your game, you will need securom 4.x or securom new 4.x datatype.

19.10.2003, 21:12
ok I'll try it again then


19.10.2003, 21:54
If it's WC3 it uses 1st SecuROM new still sub-channel based, if it's some WC3 add-on you've to use SecuROM new V4.x profile.