View Full Version : Slave drive disappered, everything else fine!

13.11.2006, 13:16
Okay.. I went to install Daemon Tools 4.06 on Windows XP SP2. After I started the install it asked me to restart to continue the installation. I restarted, but Daemon tools wasn't installing.. so I went back to where the install file was... but the drive I had saved it on didn't show up. I have 3 HDD's. I have C:, D:, and E: as HDD's. The file was on my D: drive. The D: drive is no longer showing up. So I redownloaded the install and saved it on my C: drive and installed it. No request for a restart and it installed fine, but after restarting D: still isn't showing up. The first time it didn't show up I went to the BIOS and it was detected fine there on auto. Every time I restart and go to BIOS it detects the drive. It's just not showing up in Windows. I have had NO problems with the D: drive until I ran the Daemon tools install. My master and slaves go like this:

Master HDD C:
Slave HDD D:
Slave HDD E:
Slave CD-R/CD-ROM F:

Any help in getting my D: drive to show up again is GREATLY appreciated!

13.11.2006, 15:15
Check Disk Management and verify that the drive has a letter assigned to it.