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13.11.2006, 22:39
I have tried making an image of it using alcohol, but doesn't work even when i try with curerom. I am wondering if there is a program that can make a successfukl image as well as a backup. is there an app that can let you select the copy protection and stuff.

14.11.2006, 14:06
well , i dont know about yours , but my dvd was identified with safedisc 4

i couldnt make a backup , but i made an image of it with blindwrite 6 and it worked for me ....

14.11.2006, 16:43
Disable your IDE drives and it runs from image no problem

14.11.2006, 18:51
i will try this i am at school right now,but what if this does not work? this seems to do the trick thnx

19.11.2006, 22:31
Please it works for you :)

05.12.2006, 18:46
I've disable both Dvd burner and Dvd reader from my system device, but it still asks me to insert the DVD when i try tu run the image.

05.12.2006, 22:01
hmm maybe my reply was dlated and dunno why.

Anyway..disabling my ide drives doesnt resolve my problem

06.12.2006, 10:46
Madzamundi, please don't post more than once. The forums are moderated which is why your posts don't show up immediately.

How did you create the image? It's not only important to disable physical IDE drives, but to have a good image as well.

10.02.2007, 19:55
I made an image of the DVD using Roxio DVD Builder, and it seemed to go fine, but BF2142 still wanted the DVD in the drive. I even uninstalled, then reinstalled the game from the mounted ISO image, which worked fine, but the game still wanted the DVD in the drive. I tried disabling the DVD drive as was suggested, but it made no difference.

11.02.2007, 13:36
Create a new image using Alcohol 120%.