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14.11.2006, 00:26
Hello yet again. . .

I was hoping someone here might be able to supply me with a estimated time frame for the next version of DT as I have been visiting the main page 5 times a day (sometimes more) waiting for the version with all the fixed SPTD 1.35. . .

The silent installer isn't worth the delay if thats all thats holding it off. . . I am in the process of finnishing off my LAST xp upgraded installer and would really like to have this on the disk (I am hoping to finnish it in the next week. . . but if it will take longer for DT then I'll either hold of the disk till its out (or make one now if DT is still a ferw weeks off)??

Sorry about the noobie type question but I really wish all projects had an ETA on the forum or main page. . . I know that most projects don't usually involve a time limit BUT an ETA is better than the mabey I will release it today or mabey next year!

Thanks (and if you don't want to post to the forum then email me).

14.11.2006, 10:33
ETA is the same as always. When it's done. You won't get anything more than that.

14.11.2006, 13:50
the silent install possibility is what really is absolutly "unimportant" related to development process.

If we would know for exact release-dates, why should we not
announce them? You already know that most projects don't
release a time-frame or ETA. Now ask yourself why this is so ;)

Well, we plan to release new DT version THIS year.