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15.11.2006, 16:02
This is a temp solution, but wont prevent it in the future, but i've been able to reproduce the problem, and fix it each time. Some people may have said this, or a combination of things, but i'm consolidating it all into one, and the steps I used. (I use the 32-bit programs. Not sure if this works with 64 bit)

This requires:
Safe Mode
-SPTD_Deleter (That Member Underheaven Made) http://rapidshare.de/files/24604478/SPTD_Deleter_v1.0023.rar.html
-SPTDinst-v135-x86 http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads/
-daemon406-x86.exe (latest daemon install)
-and a few restarts.

The steps.

~~have those 3 files downloaded beforehand (and winrar to open them)

1. Boot up, and before the windows logo loads up hit F8 a few times till the safemode menu pops up. Do safe mode. (with networking is good too if you wanna look at this page in safe mode)
2. It will ask to load sptd.sys.. just let it.
-I know some people say there system doesn't boot. but I believe it's sptd.sys trying to remount the image you had when you logged off. So wait, it took me about 5+ minutes before it finally went through)
3. When in windows log into an administrator account. whether it's your main account or the administrator account that windows comes with at install.
4. Open the SPTDinst-v135-x86 (updater), and click uninstall.
5. Reboot.
6. Go back into safemode. You should notice the system load considerably faster (my 5 minutes turned into 15 seconds)
7. Verify with Start>Search that all forms of sptd files are deleted. - Delete any extra .sys files if present.
8. Open up SPTD_Deleter_v1.0023.rar, extract the 3 files, and run SPTD_Delete.exe. This removes all traces of SPTD files in the registry. You should do this in safemode
10. Back into Safemode.
11. What I did here was deleted my Daemon Tools folder directly because it'll say "Setup was unable to validate Install".....So now run daemon406-x86.exe install and it'll ask to install sptd 1.29. Go ahead.
12. reboot, safemode, and run SPTDinst-v135-x86, and update to 1.35.
13. reboot, safemode, daemon406-x86.exe setup again and finish daemon tools setup.
14. Reboot and everything should be fixed.


I know this sounds like a lot of steps. but after you do it once or twice fully, you can get the whole process done in less than 10 minutes. There maybe ways to minimize the steps. but I did so many restarts to fully ensure that all the files were uninstalled correctly, and reinstalled correctly.

The only way I can see about preventing this from happening again, is to unmount your image before restarting your computer, and also turning off auto-mount in the daemon-tools right click menu.

There ya go :)