View Full Version : i cant get rid of a phantom drive after i uninstalled

02.12.2002, 09:02
I uninstalled daemon and and noticed tat a phantom drive that it used is still there!!I tried reinstalling and disabling it but it is still there :cry: . i even went to device manager and to try and disable it there yet i still had that phantom cd drive there!!!!

Can someone please help me on deleting this phantom drive!!![/b]

02.12.2002, 20:38
what version did/do you have?

03.12.2002, 00:16
i have the newest version.

03.12.2002, 00:18
What OS you are using?

Is there anything mounted on the Stealth-Drive?

03.12.2002, 04:02
I am running Windows 98 and i dont know if it mounted or not because Daemon tools is acting like it never made that phantom drive. Also i noticed when i tried to uninstall the drive thrue Divice manager they called it "Image Simulation" instead of stealth dvd. I also tried to untmount it when i had daemon tools installed for the second time (the time when i tried to disable it with daemon)BUT THAT ALSO DIDNT WORK EITHER!!!


03.12.2002, 04:09
For the last sentence i ment that i tried to go thrue DOD and unmount it when i had daemon installd the second time.

im truely sorry for my spelling errors!


03.12.2002, 05:36
see what I mean obout spelling errors!

DOD* i mean DOS!!!

03.12.2002, 06:45
hm, as far as i know, this Image Simulation is not from Daemon-Tools...

Why don't you try reinstall d-tools, then uninstall it?

03.12.2002, 06:55
Yeah that is what i thought also it being from another program but the only other program i have is cdrwin and i also reinstalled and uninstall several times but still did nothing. :evil: :cry: thx though for trying to help, if u think of anything els please send anothor reply.

04.12.2002, 03:08
That virtual drive definitely comes with CDRWin 5. So you will have to remove it via uninstalling that program - or mail their support!

04.12.2002, 03:16
IT WORKED!!! thank u for reply ing i know where it is comming from now thx a bunch!!! :D :D :D :D