View Full Version : any suggestions about version

18.11.2006, 15:00
I'm with AMD athlon64 WinXP SP2

Can someone tell me which version of daemon tools can i use without any problems like crashing, registry changing ect.

I already tried DT 3.29 and it crashed my windows - no booting, no safemode, no lastest good, no windows at all - just black screen.

18.11.2006, 16:40
With your OS you should use v4.08.
Do NOT install such obsolete versions anymore!

18.11.2006, 18:30
thank you

i was trying to mount .cdi image for chankast(dreamcast emulator) and 3.29 is the only version of DT that can do it.

4.08 can not, but i'm happy that finaly got to a version working.

18.11.2006, 18:57
cdi-image support is courtesy of Padus, Inc. based on their own dll, thus there is nothing we can do about it.

18.11.2006, 21:29
thank you for the info, daemon tools 4.08 works perfect for me now :)