View Full Version : No DT 4.08

18.11.2006, 16:12
All Downloadlinks are linking to the old 4.06 version. No 4.08 version !

Plz fix :)

And Yes, i know its only 30 mins since announcement.

Found it now, tried first the Mirrors and they´re outdated. But the main one provides the 4.08 version.


19.11.2006, 13:08

The mirror is updated to 4.08. Sorry, no one sent me a notification about this update.

Everything is updated now.

Sorry for the delay

24.11.2006, 08:08
Sorry, no one sent me a notification about this update Yes, it was by intention to not overload your servers as in the past, sorry. After release, I then also forgot about the mirror (was busy and overlooked it then). Well, shit happens

24.11.2006, 12:46
No worries, took just one day before the site was updated (I usually check daemon tools website every day or so).

The server is now able to take the heat of a new release easily (it has been changed). So you shouldn't have to worry anymore about this.

Keep up the good work