View Full Version : Blue screen after rebooting

19.11.2006, 11:44
When I'm trying to install Daemon Tools 3.29 (I MUST use this verion in order to run Dreamcast games), I must reboot my computer to finish the installation, but after doing it, I get a blue screen, saying something connected to BIOS, and I must restart my computer. I can't run DT after that, because it's installation was not finished

Core 2 Duo E6400
Asus P5B
GF 7600GT
1GB Ram
Win XP SP2

19.11.2006, 12:27
Sorry, v3.29 is NOT supported anymore.
You can try to backup pfctoc.dll from v3.29, then install v4.08 and replace new dll with the old one and check - if it works, reply here. Could help other users with that problem.
Note that cdi-image support is courtesy of Padus, Inc. based on their own dll, thus there's nothing we can do about it.