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19.11.2006, 12:10
I want to install a game, so I need on the CD: the installer, and the installation files.

But I discover I can only mount one file at a time. How am I supposed to install it with only half the data needed? -_-

19.11.2006, 12:24
which settings did you use to create your image?

Which application? Which settings?
What protection(YES/NO)? Which game?

We need more details, apart from the fact that you can
via ctrll-alt switch to desktop and remount (swap) your image

19.11.2006, 12:35
As the title of this thread states, I'm a first time user. I just installed this software, not sure exactly how it works.

Anyway, I'm using version 4.08, in emulation I've left all the options off, and the game is World of Warcraft.

These are the installation files I need:


As well as discs 2 to 4.

20.11.2006, 08:17
Do like you would with 4 physical discs. You can't put them all in the drive at the same time now, can you? Just start the installation with the image of the first disc, and when prompted switch the mounted image to the image of the second disc. Repeat until done.

20.11.2006, 20:34
That makes more sense... Though when I double click the disc in My Computer it says the disc isn't formatted... :S

It also shows the have a disc space/usage of 0, and it always says 'CD Drive K' whatever I put on it. =/

20.11.2006, 22:01
In more Simple terms, you need to create an image of the original discs with programs Such as Blindwrite, or Alcohol 120%.

They are the only real software that can create a backup or Image of a Copy protected disc. After you have created the image, you then mount it with daemon tools.

In some cases you might need an Anti-Blacklist tool, Nowadays Copy Protection schemes generally blacklists SCSI drives no matter if real or not. In this case you would need a tool such as YASU, Safedisk 4 Hider, Securom7.Stop, or Virtual CD Hide.

I generaly reccomend using the free version of Alcohol 52% Since it's free to create Images.

Alcohols Image format will be .mdf, and .mds, while Blindwrites Image format will be .B5t .B5I, and .B00, depending on which version you have.

You can get Alcohol 52% (Free Version) in the Link below:


You can get a free 21 day trial version of Blindwrite Here:


If you have any further Questions/Problems, Please don't hesitate to ask for help, unless the question is against the rules;)

20.11.2006, 22:11
Well, copyrighting isn't my problem... I assume the copyright has been removed because i managed to burn the files for disc 1 onto an actual CD, and it worked fine. The problem with that is that i have no more CDs. -__-

And, as to mounting one image on each disc, I can't. I need all the files in the picture I posted to be on disc 1 alone to make it not get all screwed up and confused when I run the installer without the installation files, or try and install the installation files without an installer... =S

So, I need to mount all those files there in that picture onto just one DT disc drive. I need to know if I can do that, or is Daemon Tools too stubborn for me? >.>

:confused: :mad: :confused:

25.11.2006, 16:20
You could try to put all the files in one iso by using an isomaker. As all you need is only an imagefile, why not making a dvd-image, that should work as all files fit an one dvd.
How many disks is the original game?
DT is also capable of using any other images such as the ones nero creates.
Hope I could give you some ideas...