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21.11.2006, 14:05
I'm writing from an Intel Mac Book and read this thread after the installation of Daemon Tools caused my OS X HFS+ formatted drive to disappear (have Mac Drive installed on XP):


I took the advice from the representative at Mac Drive and uninstalled v4 and installed v3.4.7 instead.

I have my OS X formatted drive back now, BUT, I've since uninstalled Daemon tools all together because every time I would use Windows explorer and there would be disk access, an installer (I'm presuming it's the Daemon tools installer) runs. It also runs when first starting my computer.

It is quite annoying having this installer run though just by changing directories in explorer. The dialog box 'preparing to install' appears very briefly, and then disappears with each change of directory.

I've uninstalled DT now, and would have thought all traces of it were gone, but apparently not. What can I do?


21.11.2006, 14:43
Use v4.08, the issue with MacDrive should be fixed with SPTD v1.35 already.

21.11.2006, 21:27
I did install 4.08, and that's what caused the drive to disappear.

That doesn't concern me anymore since the v3 worked fine. It's just this installer dialog box popping up every time I access the disk that's annoying.

Any ideas?

21.11.2006, 21:57
If it runs on startup, check registry (run regedit):
and remove the related key (maybe export it, so you can restore it, if you removed the wrong key).