View Full Version : DT only works with SPTD???

21.11.2006, 18:22
My XPS M1210 donґt boot with SPTD installed. Many people has the same problem, and I didnґt see a final solution for this.
DT only works with SPTD?
Any alternative?
Any solution?

21.11.2006, 19:14
Try to remove Embassy Suite (if installed, maybe it helps to remove Document Manager alone).

21.11.2006, 19:14
Which DT and SPTD version did you try?

If you dont like SPTD you can try DT 3.47.

22.11.2006, 18:11
I tried with DT 4.06 and 4.08, and the SPTD v137 standalone installer. Donґt work in my system (the SPTD is the problem).
I donґt have the Dell Embassy suite installed.
DT 3.47 works fine. Actually I used this version.
Can I install DT 4.08 with D347prt SCSI controller?

22.11.2006, 20:15
No. V4.0x and previous versions are not compatible.

24.11.2006, 16:48
SPTD v138 works fine in my system (should be included in DT 4.08). Thanks