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22.11.2006, 08:37
Hello everybody :)

I wanted to upgrade my old Daemon v3.23 to V4.06.
The desinstall (Control panel add/suppress programs) was not so easy due to Error 1705 but finally succeeded due to Windows CleanUp.
Now, the 4.06 works well but i still see my 2 virtual drives from v3.23 and still have an error when restarting my computer dealing with soemthing not supported (language if i remenber).
Please answer as if i were an informatic idiot in order me to understand (because i am an informatic idiot).

Waiting for your answer
Thanks a lot and sorry for my english.


22.11.2006, 15:35
Check these threads regarding removal of leftovers of such old version:
idiotic enough? ;)

23.11.2006, 07:47
Incredible, I have understood what is written (not immediately) and it works.
Thanks a lot.:wink: