View Full Version : Error message... solutions?

22.11.2006, 11:50
:confused: After mounting the images i am getting this message while accessing the drive...Windows cannot read from this disk.The disk might be corrupted, or it could be using a format that is not compatible with windows... Any solutions?:confused:

22.11.2006, 20:35
How did you create your images

22.11.2006, 20:42
Unmount image, disable virtual drive, enable virtual drive and mount image.

This method has worked for me a couple of month ago.

23.11.2006, 02:13
i created image using winRAR...

23.11.2006, 07:58
Could you give more details on the creation process...

Was it by extracting the image from several RAR files or by creating a rar file from a cd?

23.11.2006, 07:58
That's interesting, could you tell us how you used WinRAR to create an image of a CD/DVD?