View Full Version : 4.0.8HE & Alcohol ?

22.11.2006, 17:12
I installed Alcohol 120 1.9.6 Build 4719 yesterday and installed DT 4.0.8HE Today....

when I went to install SPTDinst-v137-x86

It said I have a newer version installed?

Does Alcohol 120 1.9.6 Build 4719 have SPTD 138 installed?

it's really wierd if Alcohol is a sister company why you wouldn't use the same versions if this is the case?

Or they can't share the same SPTD?

Also does the newer version of DT 4.0.8 Help with Starforce?
or there is no change?

24.11.2006, 13:55
Alcohol simply uses newer version of SPTD because it was made after we released 4.08.
But 4.08 can work fine with it.