View Full Version : DT 4.08 Seems to work fine with SPTD 1.38

23.11.2006, 08:41
This is the first time I have posted on DT Forums. After an incredibly frustrating day spent trying to update from V3.47 to V4.08I felt it was quite necessary to post my experience.

I have used previous versions of DT for quite some time without any problems. However, when my needs required me to update my software version - all of that changed. When installing the new software I followed all of the necessary steps to complete a successful update. I uninstalled V3.47 without any problems. After running the V4.08 installer, I was of course prompted to reboot. I allowed the installer to reboot and that is where the problems started. It did not ever get a chance to properly shut down before I was greeted with a BSOD. I was unable to boot past the WINXP splash screen until I found from reading this forum that I would have to disable or uninstall SPTD in order to boot correctly and that the SPTD software was likely causing problems for many people.
I attempted every method posted on this forum and others to return my system to a function state. This included 2 fresh XP SP2 installs. I completely installed/uninstalled DT 4.08 and previous versions countless times, I scoured my registry for traces of the SPTD software and their accompanying drivers and deleted them. I tried different combinations of installing earlier versions and updating with the new. It was not until I noticed that Duplexsecure had released a new version of SPTD that I discovered they have apparently worked the bugs out of this new release.


The release notes on the DT homepage recommended that the SPTD software be installed silently PRIOR to installing DT 4.08. I tried this with SPTD v1.37 yet continued to have problems. I tried both allowing the DT 4.08 installer to install the SPTD embedded in it, and I also tried silently installing/uninstalling SPTD 1.37 with the installer from Duplexsecure. In both cases DT v4.08 either crashed while installing, or when installed it would say that I had outdated or corrupt SPTD configuration.
When I noticed the new SPTD v1.38 release on the Duplexsecure website (SPTDinst-v138-x86.exe) I scrubbed my registry clean of any prior SPTD release material, and installed v1.38. This release can be implemented by just running the executable inside windows without booting to safe mode or using the CMD Prompt. When the SPTD installer is run, it looks for previous versions and gives you the option to remove them completely, update the existing files with new, or install them entirely if not already installed. After installing SPTD v1.38 and rebooting, I installed DT v4.08 without ANY errors, BSODS, hang-ups, or any other pains in my ass.

To Recap:

1. Download and install SPTDinst-v138-x86.exe from Duplexsecure (http://www.duplexsecure.com/downloads)


2. Download and install DAEMON408-X86.EXE from the Daemon tools download page (http://daemon.alphabravo.org/)


Thats it! Good Luck!