View Full Version : Can't start Daemon40x

23.11.2006, 12:29
I succefully installed Daemon Tools 408 on my system.
But whenewer I start DaemonTools.exe it will take my system to BSOD, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NOPAGED_AREA saying that problem is propably with AFS2K.SYS.

If I don't run DaemonTools.exe, there is no problem.
(Same problem is with DT406 which works fine on my old system)

This problem is after I replace mainboard of my computer (now nForce2, was VIA)
I have new instalation of Win XP prof SP2 with drivers to all my devices.

I am sending minidump which is generated when I install DT and let instalator to start DaemonTools.exe at the end of instalation (in that case, my computer after reboot is ok, but saying that Dtools cannot start - initialization error7 - not properly installed).

23.11.2006, 15:30
Update or remove afs2k.sys.

23.11.2006, 20:02
I have version, and I was unable to find any more up to date version.

If I remove it I can start Daemon Tools but I cannot acces any of my real or virtual CDROM (I can see them in Device Manager with note that they aren't working, because driver is not installed).

23.11.2006, 20:16
You've to correct registry - check this thread:

24.11.2006, 10:28
It helped. Thank you.
Does anyone have some aditional info why there was AFS2K.SYS? And if it will be needed in system?

24.11.2006, 18:24
I believe it's installed by certain HP software. However, I have yet to hear of any detrimental effects from removing it.