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02.12.2006, 12:33
hi all, first time ive had a problem, so looking for a tad bit of input please.

Installed daemon 4.08 when it was released, and i havnt had any problems with it since, until this morning, when i start the computer up, and i gett he following error msg

"Virtual SCSI driver not detected"

So i go into device device driver to see if there are any conflicts or problems, and yes, so i think, easy, re-install the scsi driver, and all should be fine.

Thats where i get stumped - I've pointed windows to manually search for the file, but it cant find anything, and ive tried pointing windows to look in specific folders, but it still cant find anything.

Could this possible be a conflict with the motherboard raid drivers aswell ?? or is it just related to Daemon. I've tried re-installing both Daemon, and my motherboard drivers just in case, but neither has solved the problem, so any advice is wecome.

Thx in advance

PS - if any1 needs more infp plz let me know

06.12.2006, 15:07
I had the same problem, I simply installed the SPDT v1.38 from http://www.duplexsecure.com and it fixed my problem. Hope it helps you.

08.12.2006, 13:50
yip - that solved it for some reason - thx

Problem Solved