View Full Version : Uninstalling DT 3.47 and 4.08 manually

05.12.2006, 23:35
I have just bought a game (FM2007) and it won't run because I had Daemon Tools on my system.

I recall a while back botching a daemon tools 3.47 uninstallation, and there could be remnants of that left.

Also, I have installed and uninstall DT 4.x, most recently 4.08, before and wonder if there could be remnants of that.

I'm aware that install logs are system specific, but does there exist a daemon tools uninstaller utility? Or, failing that, a install log that I can work through to weed everything out.

I understand FM2007 uses SafeDisc 4 - what part of DT is it that SafeDisc looks for and blacklists? Maybe just hunting down and removing that would help.

Thanks for your help.

06.12.2006, 09:27
Have you read the manual uninstallation posts in the Common problems and solutions forum (http://www.daemon-tools.cc/dtcc/common-problems-and-solutions-f26.html)?

06.12.2006, 10:51
SafeDisc does not blacklist Daemon Tools.
Ensure you've all emulations disabled, and if you've e.g. CloneCD installed disable its Hide CD-R media function.