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26.10.2003, 22:50
hi i just bought this game i made a backup ok and installed it off this backup i go to run the game and it wont run off the backup cd it has safedisc v3.10.020 protection does daemon tools remove this?

26.10.2003, 23:30
How did you burn the backup and with what burner?

SD3 blacklists virtual drives, but it has been backed up to cdr by a few users.

26.10.2003, 23:36
i used nero burning rom 6 ultra edition. using an LG52x24x52 burner , I burned it using the bin/cue image I made previously

26.10.2003, 23:47
I've sorted a "FIXED" .EXE file for vega$ now, It bypasses safedisc for this particular game. I got my backup working now.

27.10.2003, 10:12
I've sorted a "FIXED" .EXE file for vega$ now, It bypasses safedisc for this particular game. I got my backup working now.THIS IS ILLEGAL! And as you KNOW there are board rules - we do NOT TOLERATE illegal activities on this board!

You will NOT be banned yet because you did neither mention any illegal sites on the internet nor did you steal anything by downloading the game, the game was bought in the first place.

BUT BE WARNED! This will be the last time you post anything that is illegal (and illegal also means "not allowed by the game's license agreement" - where you can read that No-CD cracks ARE not allowed);
next time you'll be banned WITHOUT FURTHER WARNING!

Sometimes this forum seems like a waste of time - there MUST be something wrong if we have to spend half our time here editing or deleting posts and deleting user accounts. We STILL do not want to close this board. But it doesn't take much anymore until we might want to close it. So if you like this board, STICK TO LEGALITY!

27.10.2003, 10:20
Well, re-reading my previous post I think it might be a bit harsh. I want to add that I did NOT mean to offend you - but still, there are rules for the usage of this board which have to be obeyed. It is getting too much with all the people posting stupid questions about their downloaded warez - and we always have to tell them the same. The same that is written in the Site Rules and told them in a PM when they registered. Sadly some don't seem to give a damn.

You might want to try making a new image or copy with Alcohol 120%, however I am not sure it will work. SD3 uses bad sector patterns which to my knowledge NO current burner can completely cover. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I think there's been some threads about SD3 in the Alcohol Support Forums (http://forum.alcohol-software.com), please do a search there if you're willing to try Alc.


P.S.: I decided to keep my previous post as a reminder - many moderators are quite on the edge right now because sometimes it seems like all we do is tell people what NOT to do - instead of helping the right people with their real problems. Which sucks, IMHO.