View Full Version : DVD Burner reads all DVD+r as cd

08.12.2006, 07:37
For some reason recently after using Daemon tools i have been unable to burn DVDs. I am able to burn cds but when i put a dvd+r into my drive it simply auto reads as a cd. In no way have i been able to get it to read or burn DVDs.

Ive been seaching forums for a few days now and the net for over a week. So far i have went into regedit and remove uper and lower filters, reinstalled my drives, i even tried unistalling the program, but no go it doesnt work. I had alcohol 120% installed before and i tried deactivating the ignore media thing. I also uninstalled this program perminantly aswell.

Does anyone know how to get me burning DVDs again, its been a week or so and im thinking im going to have to rebuild my computer to get this thing going.

Please help me :'(

08.12.2006, 09:19
Ensure you've all emulations disabled - especially RMPS emulation -, and if you've Alcohol installed ensure Igonre Media Type is disabled.

09.12.2006, 04:07
Yes i have the Ignore Media Type disabled. What do you mean by emulation disabled. Where would i find this and how would i disable it? thanks for the quick reply btw!
any more help is appreciated

09.12.2006, 17:17
In Daemon Tools:
Menu "Emulation" -> All Options Off

In Alcohol:
Options -> Emulation & Extra Emulation -> ensure all options are disabled.

09.12.2006, 18:40
Yeh i ensured all emulation was off in both programs, still no go with the dvd burner, something is still off. I know its not the actual drive tho, i tested somewhere else.... any other ideas, thanks again