View Full Version : Purchasing Daemon tools Pro

08.12.2006, 22:05
If I register Daemon Tools will I be able to download Daemon Tools Pro, and is the Pro version one that allows for more than four emulated CD/DVDs?

Sorry if my post is...odd.

08.12.2006, 23:27
You cant buy Daemon Tools pro now, you have to wait until it got released. In pro you should be able to have more than four virtual drives.

Daemon Tools and Daemon Tools Pro are two different licenses.

08.12.2006, 23:30
DT Pro supports standard upto 32 drives, an extended
version upto 64 drives.

It is available hopefully soon - this or next month is realistic...
but then, do not cite me - it is my guess that we will be ready

14.12.2006, 21:31
(You know what Hommer Simpson (http://www.thesimpsons.com/) says after he did a dumb thing)
I thought registering was going to give me that pro version... Shot 16.00 to hell and I still haven't even been given a registered user account. I guess I better send a copy of my 'ShareIT' form to the support guys.
PS any more info on when the Pro version will be released?:confused: As I'll be happy to send in another 15.00 and be able to use the 4.x version again without a search bar...:)