View Full Version : Reset drive letter on virtual drive under Vista RTM

09.12.2006, 04:03
Default drive letter on virtual drive is G. I assign W. Start YASU, play in PES6 with mini image. Return drive launching YASU again. Drive letter still W. But after restart Vista drive letter again G. Where the problem?

PS Sorry for my english.

09.12.2006, 05:36
i noticed this on xp and dt 4.06 a while ago. was told it's xp. but i've been using the same routine before, for years, and it never happened before the way it does now. i still haven't reinstalled xp for a while which i am about to do very soon....
after that i will know better. still since that time i have seen two other posts claiming the same under xp and now this one. so maybe there is something to this. still i'll wait until i reinstall and see if it happens.

09.12.2006, 05:49
Under WinXP 64 was ok with v4.06.

09.12.2006, 15:31
YASU is the cause, not a bug in Windows or DT. YASU makes changes to the registry that causes Windows to forget what the drive letter was set to on reboot, so it gets assigned the next available drive letter again.

09.12.2006, 16:50
Strange, YASU say which letter she return. May be YASU not return letter in registry.

09.12.2006, 16:52
yeh guess people dont run yasu again before rebooting to 'reclaim' the drive letter order back

09.12.2006, 20:56
ahhhh... or in my case no YASU at all.........