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10.12.2006, 04:11
Hey everyone, for a long time i've been using Daemon without a problem, but i turned on my pc one day and the virtual drive letter got switched with one of my hd's letter,tried changing them back but when resetting the problem happened again, but when i uninstalled daemon everything was back to normal =/
btw, my OS is WinXP SP1

10.12.2006, 11:23
First update to XP SP2. Drive letter assignment is done by Windows, not Daemon Tools.

10.12.2006, 19:22
did you even read what i wrote?
no, i'm not updating to SP2, too safe for my taste.
Even if i tell windows to reassign the letters as how it was supposed to be, at each restart it switches back to how it was before.

10.12.2006, 21:05
The drive letter assignment is done by Windows, not Daemon Tools, so there's nothing we could do about it.
Check if you installed some software and/or drivers which could've caused this issue.

12.12.2006, 06:25
eh..i know it does not, i didn't install any driver before daemon(btw, the problem happens again whenever i re-install daemon, at the 1st reset)

18.12.2006, 10:51
Drive letter changes back after reboot?
I think you have your Daemon Tools set to "Secure mode".

Try right-click on the systray icon, in the popup menu select "Options" and be sure that the "Secure mode" is NOT checked.

Now set the drive letter of your liking either in disk management, or using daemon tools own "Set device parameters" dialog box.
Reboot. And maybe... enjoy?? ;)

I was unable to change the drive letter until I unchecked the secure mode, too. Also BTEwin scripts containing daemonletter do not work in secure mode.

I hope this helps. :)

19.12.2006, 05:08
Eh...must be that, i'll give it a shot, if i end up with the screw up again, i'll answer
and yes, the drive letters change back after reboot

to give a small rundown
drive letters mixed
fix them
drive letters mixed again

19.12.2006, 18:55
Are you using any anti-blacklisting tools such as YASU?