View Full Version : Another 'Virtual drive' error plus no uninstall

10.12.2006, 15:11
I was running DT 4.03 for many months with absolutely no problems when I decided to upgrade to 4.08 last night. As soon as I rebooted I got the error message 'Virtual SCSI driver not detected'. Went to uninstall and got the error message 'Setup is unable to validate installation'. So I removed the folder and deleted the registry entries that I tought were relevant to DT, reinstalled and got the same errors. Came here and saw that others had somewhat similar problems so I tried some of the solutions that I read and none of them worked. So I have a corrupted installation of DT (tried re-downloading the installer) that can't be removed or repaired from my OS.
Basically what I'm asking is, do I have to completely reinstall XP and all of my programs just to get this problem fixed? I'm hoping there's a solution out there I haven't seen that one of you fine folks can point me to before I'm forced to take that freaking irritating step.

Windows XP Pro SP2
Intel Core 2 Duo e6300
1 gb Ram
240 GB HD

11.12.2006, 09:32
Okay, so I solved the problem with help from ShamblerDK's entry (and many others) on the 'corrupted SPTD' thread. It was the SPTD program that was corrupted. I had to delete all folders and all registry entries for both DT and SPTD. After this, I rebooted and reinstalled DT 4.08 and it went in and ran perfectly. Before, I was just removing DT folders and registry entries, but this wasn't helping at all. SPTD needs to be redone IMHO if it's going to corrupt this easily, because it was a pain to remove it. Well, I hope this helps anyone else who may have this problem and was stuck on it.