View Full Version : Deleting drives. Help plz.

17.12.2006, 23:31
I have all these bunk drives Dtools created. How do I delete them from my system? They are holding SO much Room. I only have like 2GBs. I had about 30 before i installed dtools. I wanna play Counter strike source but i need 4 GBS. Please help

18.12.2006, 11:59
I have to admit that I don't have Daemon Tools installed on my machine right now, so I cannot look it up precisely, however Daemon Tools only needs about a Megabyte of disk space. The virtual drives it creates don't need any disk space, they reside in the RAM and need about 64kb each.

So, it cannot be Daemon Tools that has been eating up 28GB of data on your hard drive.

You might be referring to images (files on your harddrive that contain entire CDs or DVDs for use with Daemon Tools). If that is the case, you can either burn them to CD/DVD, copy them to another computer/external harddrive,... You do not need to uninstall Daemon Tools for that.