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03.12.2002, 06:22
Is there any way to find out what kind of copy protection a cd has??

03.12.2002, 06:29
No, there is no (not to my knowledge) prog to check what a cd is protected by. There are tools to tell version of protection, such as safedisc analyzer.

Read the manual, under copy protections. Most new games are protected by securom new/4.x. What game would you like to find out about?

03.12.2002, 08:01
I'm trying to copy Need For speed hot pursuit 2
do you have any direct links to those securom and/or safedisc

03.12.2002, 18:33
NFS2:HP2 is protected with SafeDisc 2.8x.

I don't know the exact version number because I don't own the game, so if you don't mind I'd ask you to go to this thread (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=191) and contribute by posting the exact version number...

Thanks a lot!


03.12.2002, 23:46
I've another question. I'm kindda new to this stuff I used to buy already cracked games. Is it normal that I get hundreds of
disc read errors while copying nfs hp 2
with alcohol 120%
I chosed safedisc 2 option for the data type..

03.12.2002, 23:57
Yes itґs normal, ґcause these errors are part of the protection ... please tell us which writer you use, whatґs important if you write the image (question enable or disable EFM correction) ...

04.12.2002, 00:00
I've pioneer dvd-rw dvr104

04.12.2002, 00:13
Well, I donґt know exactly, but I donґt think the Pioneer can write the so-called weak sectors correctly ... so try to write on cd-rw first without the option (if it fails we know for sure it canґt write those sectors);
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then try to enable EFM correction and try again on cd-rw ...

06.12.2002, 21:24
No, there is no (not to my knowledge) prog to check what a cd is protected by.
Never heard about ClonyXXL, Scout, Yaps , etc. ?

07.12.2002, 23:32
yes i have, but is there one prog to check for ALL protections? (sd, securom, protectcd, tages, starforce, the list goes on...)

08.12.2002, 00:44
I don't use scanners, but from what I've heared ClonyXXL is the most advanced of the above mentioned programs and detects many protections, but don't know for sure if Clony is reporting the exact Version number, or can detect newest protections.

I have contact for a long time ago with the author of ClonyXXL, maybe I ask him

09.12.2002, 13:41
The newest ClonyXXL ( gives exact number of protection for securom.
For safedisc, it gives a partial number 2.6, 2.7... but I guess the info is not so accurate. Better use a tool like Safedisc/Securom Version Detector which gives exact number for boths protections.

31.01.2003, 18:13
Here's a nice link to a list of games with the protection they use:

Also some info about progs to check out a disc's protection.

But can anyone help me create an image of disc one of Amerzone on my HD? Whatever I try it still won't work unless I put the original CD in the drive. I'd really like to play it without the disc 'cos my cd drive is so noisy :? :lol:

31.01.2003, 19:39
The list you mentioned is old and outdated in most cases and no exact Versionnumbers are mentioned (for the protection) so in fact this list isn't very usefull (except for older games like f.e. Amerzon);
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the tools & utillities are outdated, too, we have a much better list here, just follow this link:

PROTECTED GAMES LIST *CLICK HERE* (http://web1.athen215.server4free.de/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=191)

Please check out what exact protection was used on Amerzon, if it's only readerrors you should try Alcohol120% or CloneCD and create an Image (use fast errorskip);
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it's possible that this can take several hours as some Readerrors can't be skipped very fast.

01.02.2003, 10:11
Okie doke Locutas!

Thanks for posting a much better list!

As regards Amerzone I have tried both Alcohol and CloneCD without success, (though not without the fast error skip, I'll try that next, thanks for the suggestion.)