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22.12.2006, 10:56
I currently have ver 4.03HE. When i start the installer to upgrade to ver 4.08, I can choose either to "upgrade to 4.08" or "uninstall". When I choose "upgrade to 4.08" it asks if i want to uninstall daemon tools. And i click "no", and the installation is aborted.

Should i choose "uninstall daemon tools" instead? And if I choose this, will ver 4.08 then install? Also, I have 3 different games i play "on" my current daemon tools, will they still work if I upgrade?

Can i I manually remove my current ver 4.03HE, and then install ver 4.08, will my games still work (with saves and all) or do I have to reinstall all games again?

23.12.2006, 12:24
In order to install 4.08, you have to remove 4.03. If you choose to "upgrade", it will automatically remove 4.03 for you, but you have to let it. And no, you will not have to reinstall your games again just because you reinstalled DTools. It's no different to the game than changing out your physical optical drive, and I assume you already know you don't need to reinstall the games when you do that.

23.12.2006, 19:11
i also got 4.03 and have tried to update to the latest one, i did not uninstall the last copie.

it told me to restart so i did
then it did not start after restart so i tried to manually but it tell me to restart after previous, but i have restart like 5 times and nothing

and when i try to use the new .exe it tell me

'device setup errror: code 25057 (0x61E1), 2(0x2). contact your support personnel'

ant help plz

update: i did system restal and got back to normal and retried it, now it lets me select update to... then uninstalls the old one, then asks to restart, so i do but then when it restarts i select run then it tells me i must reboot after privious operation like before

plz help

27.12.2006, 19:31
come guys any one got anything, this is doing me head in

29.12.2006, 00:18
When install the Daemon 347, the last step show me the messange :

Device setup error: code 25057 (0x61e1), 2(0x2) Contact your support personal.

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