View Full Version : Shared drive access of images?

23.12.2006, 23:46

Using say that Linksys USB Drive network box that shares a USB on your network, can you affectively put all your images on that one drive and then have say, 50 machines mount THE SAME IMAGE and all of them access that image without a problem, or does the Daemon Tools software only allow the mounting of one image per one instence of Daemon Tools.

This is for a gaming center. I want to use the Linksys box to put all images on one drive and then point to that drive via network. This will mean that one image of Battlefield 2 is going to be mounted over the network by 50 PC's possibly. Is this a problem?

24.12.2006, 01:31
Yes, you can mount SAME image on any number of PCs.

24.12.2006, 10:14
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