View Full Version : unknown virtual drive

MiG i Sukhoi
26.12.2006, 15:23
After I formatted my drive, I installed the latest version of Daemon Tools V4.08. But it installed 2 virtual drives.... The one it's ok, but the second one has no drivers and I can't uninstall it, no drivers, no hardware preview on properties of storage devices...

27.12.2006, 14:34
You sure it ain't leftover of previous version?
Remove Daemon Tools, then check either thread about error 25002 (for v3.43 - v3.47), or about how to remove v4 in common problems and solutions forum for manual removal procedure of leftovers, reboot, then re-install v4.08.

MiG i Sukhoi
31.12.2006, 12:04
I forgot to mention I've mad format to my HD Drive.... It's clean install for all my programs from the beginning....

MiG i Sukhoi
04.01.2007, 15:01
It wasn't daemon's fault, it was a virtual drive created from MagicISO maker.... So no problems with new version of Daemon Tools....