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30.10.2003, 16:35
Hello there,

I implemented daemon tools in our standard image (3000 workstations)

it would be _VERY_ nice if we could specify a driveletter when mounting an image through the commandline.

The thirdparty scripts i found can only specify a virtual device number, but not a driveletter.

Please help us out here!

16.11.2003, 10:46
BTEWin supports what you are asking for; for example you can do:

bteexec --cmd mount X:,image.iso


bteexec --cmd mount x,image.iso

I don't know exactly what version is on the downloads section, but I think that any version should support this.

Anyway, in my opinion, the best way is to use device numbers instead, because drive letters may change while the device numbers remain constant; and for this task daemon.exe should be enough.

22.04.2014, 07:19
here you can find a possible solution:


22.11.2014, 07:33
How i Run a free scan to check for outdated drivers on My PC................? :)

Raja PriNCe