View Full Version : How long until a game makes it to the Database?

31.10.2003, 05:31
Just curious about how long it takes for a game to make it into the Database. I have been able to make a backup image of Halo by using the safedisc 2 optiion of Alcohol 120 for the image and then running it with Media is always CD-ROM mode activated.

I made a backup image of NOX using General Protected program option with Alcohol 120. Although from the read errors on the first sectors it looks like it could be a safedisc or safedisc 2 game. It is an older title.

2nd question how long until a game cycles off the database due to age?

Thanks for your time. Great product and Board!


03.11.2003, 20:57
This is very different, depending on how much time our Supportteam
must afford to other, more important tasks, so it's possible that it could
take some time. From time to time there's a bigger update.

Once a Game is entered, it stays there.

07.11.2003, 22:19
The information provided by users or by developpers?

Anyway, here is my contribution, if it can be useful :

Civilization III: Conquests expantion (US) : SafeDisc 2.9.?

09.11.2003, 19:48
the informations are mostly from our Team - we buy the software, otherwise,
we couldn't fix the blacklists.

10.11.2003, 20:23
I understand, it makes a lot of sense.
I warmly recommend this expansion.

On another trend, anybody knows if there is an english (or even french) version of ClonyXXL?

10.11.2003, 20:44
Forget my previous question...
I manged to get the option screen and change the language :oops: