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29.12.2006, 10:53
Thanx for this, but where is the silent uninstall ?
Did i miss something ?

29.12.2006, 19:27
No, silent install is required for unattended installations e.g. on Windows installation cds, but what would you need silent UNinstallation for!?

31.12.2006, 16:23

12.03.2007, 12:15
And there it stooped :P
Just to try to get this ball rolling again.....

As long as the Installer is Silent the uninstaller should be to. It's just "the right way" to do it. why would you do this only half way?
I understand that DT is primarily for Home Use, but you do have some corporate users as well. we cant be running around the office and manually install and uninstall software for our users :D I'm just in to poor shape for that....

Would it be possible to get a hold of the nullsoft installer script file? (.nis)?


12.03.2007, 12:40
And there it stooped :P
Just to try to get this ball rolling again.....
As long as the Installer is Silent the uninstaller should be to. It's just "the right way" to do it. why would you do this only half way?

Thats exactly what i think as well. I do not see the point of not doing it silent.
If you are thinking about "bad useage" of DT, i can't think of any, cause there will always be an icon or something that is visual to the user. So why not makeing the install fully the way it should be ?

12.03.2007, 22:17
I just made a quick program for you guys that need an auto uninstaller. But, I can't post the .exe here for you guys, so I'll post the instruction on how to "compile" it yourselves in just a few minutes.
First, you need to go download and install a free program called AutoIt. http://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/downloads.php It allows you to turn scripts (close to batch file language) to .exe files.
Once you have AutoIt installed, you need to copy and paste the bellow code in to notepad.

Run ("C:\Program Files\DAEMON Tools\uninst.exe /S")
WinWait ("DAEMON Tools 4.08 Setup")
WinActivate ("DAEMON Tools 4.08 Setup")
Send ("{ENTER}")
Note: You can edit the path of your Daemon Tools install right now if you need to.
Now, save your file in notepad and name it something like, "Auto Uninstall Daemon Tools.au3". Note the file extension. You either need to save it as a .au3 or rename it from a .txt to a .au3 later. .au3 is a file extension recognized by AutoIt.
Now, to compile, right click on your new .au3 file and choose Compile Script. It will turn your script in to a .exe file. Run this .exe and Daemon Tools will uninstall without the user having to do anything.
Simply, this script executes the uninstall program and then clicks the OK button.
Hope this helps the IT guys out there.

13.03.2007, 12:02
Thanx, this is a start, but i refused to use Autoit.
Its the worst crap you can ever bring into your Environment.

Its fine if you do not have any other solution, but Autoit should always be your verry last option

13.03.2007, 15:41
Satras, can you give me an example of why it's "the worst crap you can ever bring into your Environment"?
I find it very useful to do odd jobs that you need to automate. There is still software out there that doesn't yet come in a .msi package,isn't scriptable, or software that just doesn't seem to work well you push it out with snap shot type software.
I use Novell Zenworks for Desktops (ZfD) to manage over 400 workstations, but sometimes you just need to whip up a little prog to automate a task (like the Daemon Tools auto uninstaller above). Personally, I've found AutoIt useful for some odd jobs. I'm just curious what bad experiences you've had with the software..?
Note to everyone else: AutoIt ONLY needs to be installed on the computer you are compiling the script on. Once the script has been compiled in to a .exe file, it can be run on any computer.
Thanks for your feedback,

14.03.2007, 09:44
Hey smoke.
Had to revert to AutoIt myself.
but we use VBscript in much of our automation so mine looked a bit different.
Dim oAutoit
Dim InstallPath
InstallPath = "Put path to DT here"
set oAutoit = CreateObject("AutoItX.Control")
oshell.run Chr(34) & [InstallPath] & "\uninst.exe" & chr(34), 1, False
oAutoit.WinWaitActive "DAEMON Tools 4.08 Setup",""
oAutoit.BlockInput "1"
oAutoit.Send "{Enter}"
oAutoit.Sleep "500"
oAutoit.Send "{Enter}"
oAutoit.WinWaitActive "DAEMON Tools Uninstall",""
oAutoit.Send "{Enter}"
oAutoit.BlockInput "0"

14.03.2007, 09:50
You are right... and as i said AutoIt should be the very last option you should take when deploying software. We use it for a couple of this crapy applications as well (which do not come with an clean install/uninstall), and as said "Its a pain in the neck".

The Scrip itself is fine and works most of the times but often the window is out of the focus and therefore the script stopps. Or a user is working on the machine (even with kbblock) and so on... i saw it a couple of times not really working.

Deploying a app with autoit is totally crap. That is not a clean way of installing software. But it often is only optin you have :rolleyes:

14.03.2007, 17:19
gaute74, you had to hit enter 3 times to finish the uninstall process? Mine only prompts once and it's done. That's weird. I can update the script I posted above if most require enter to be pressed more than just once. hmm...

satras, thanks for the reply. :)

PS. My script brings the window to the front before hitting enter. And it brings the windows to front and hits enter so fast, that it would almost have to be a fluke if the user was able to bring another window to front before the enter was pressed. But who knows... Slower machine or other things could defiantly mess it up. I know I haven't tested it on tons of computers.

I do agree with you though, that AutoIt isn't the proper way to do professional distributed application.