View Full Version : RIS imaging and Daemon Tools 4.x

29.12.2006, 17:52
I am doing some RIS imaging and am using Daemon Tools on the image. Problem is, when I go to pull the image back down to the machine, the scsi emulation does not work. Also, there is a problem with the program as it generates errors. To properly RIS the machine, what must be done to avoid this situation? RIght now, if I RIS a machine I have to first un-install DT completely and then reinstall for it to work.
What gives? :confused:

01.01.2007, 21:33
I have the same pb, i found one solution that works so good, juste copy 3 files ( stpd0221.sys, stpd.sys, dtscsi.sys) in your ris image ( windows\system32\drivers ).

03.01.2007, 18:21
By the way the last 4 digits of the file stpd0221.sys are randomly generated when DAEMON Tools is installed. But i guess konkwete's solution works when you copy those files into the master image on the RIS server. Best of luck to you.

b.t.w. Out of curiosity, I am wondering: did making an RIS image work fine with DAEMON Tools version 3.47?