View Full Version : DT Pro ????

29.12.2006, 19:14
Hi guys i thought this mysterious pro version was going to be released before christmas ???

and still we are here waiting and waiting for it..

well christmas is past and still no pro version...
guess it wasnt ment to be ehh..

29.12.2006, 19:29
No, it will be released when it's done - we never said anything else, although we are not happy with the situation as it is either.

29.12.2006, 20:12
i just dont know what the hold up is ? i mean surely to god a beta release would be better than nothing....

the programs been in beta for months lol

29.12.2006, 20:42
Better to wait a time as a buggy and uncomplete version

31.12.2006, 22:37
and the beta wil problably a closed beta because it wont be for free.... so only beta-testers developers can test it!