View Full Version : Fifa 2004

31.10.2003, 07:00
I want to play Fifa 2004 over Daemon-Tool....But it doesn't work!

Please help!

Alcohol 120% 1.4.0
Clony XXL

Plextor PX-W4824A Firmware 1.04

P.S Fifa 2004 ist protected with SafeDisc 2.9, also does Jedi Knight 3...
But JediKnight 3 works fine

31.10.2003, 07:20
Actually, I believe fifa 2004 is protected by safedisc 3. Sd3 blacklists virtual drives atm.

31.10.2003, 07:27
no solutions?

It's not worse because I have the original CD but I know the advantages of Daemon-Tools^^

31.10.2003, 09:48
You'll have to wait for next Daemon Tools version - it'll fix the blacklist.

07.11.2003, 20:35
Does Alcohol 120 work??

09.11.2003, 15:02
Yes it does all other images work fine with Daemon created by Alcohol

12.11.2003, 14:58
Im running my FIFA2004 image on Daemon virtual drive without any problems. I don't agree with the blacklisting issue. It's a matter of the hardware used for extracting the image. I don't know of any Plextor drives which can handle sheep3, and I've only been able to make it with my LITEON 48125S which is sheep3.

30.11.2003, 19:44
Hey guys Fifa2004 works really!

Make a Image with the newest version of Alcohol 120% (1.4.7 build 1005)
(profile: Safedisc [ not Safedisc 2 ]
turn on the option: read subchannels)

Use the newest version of Daemon

Have fun!