View Full Version : Mount switch syntax error.

31.12.2006, 14:55
Hi. I am trying to use Daemon tools with GBPVR, and when i try to load an ISO through the XDVD plugin, i get an error saying:

Mount switch syntax error.

Along with a DOS window which hangs for 5 seconds then closes. Anyone got any ideas?

Sorry if its a daft one, but i have been at this for hours trying to fix it with no success :(


01.01.2007, 04:10
Did you make sure Secure Mode is disabled in DTools?

01.01.2007, 11:50
Yes, secure mode is disabled

01.01.2007, 16:11
Do you have problems mounting images through the DTools tray icon? If not, then you need to contact whoever wrote that program for assistance.