View Full Version : Installed Daemon Tools, pc wont load

31.12.2006, 20:12
I didn't exactly install it, I almost.

Well during the installation thing it stopped and i got a message like 'bla bla bla STPD(Was something like this) needs to be disabled and then pc will be rebooted' I clicked OK, but then my pc froze, so I just turned off the pcand turned it back on. When I turned it back on, the screen before you get the WINDOWS XP LOADING screen, it just went black and just stays there. I tried a couple more times but did the same thing. So I tried restoring defaults but then I got a new message, something like:

ctrl10 chn10 master SATA MODE

(something like this, It goes by quick so I can't really tell)

and then back to the black screen.

Tried resetting CMOS, changing some stuff in the BIOS but nothing works.

Anyone help me?