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31.12.2006, 20:44
I wanted to thank you syk0 for the program. Before I heard about your program I used to actually look through the registry and create small batch files to bypass securom. (I hate using my original game dvd's so instead I try to create and use images using daemon tools (thank you daemon tool team also btw)).
Yasu works a lot better then my batch files. There is only one problem :)... I was wondering if there is a way to make it sillent when it restores the batch files back to normal. That way I can batch it when I run my games. Is there a command line I can use that will bypass the yes/no question when it restores everything?

Thank you again for the awesome program.

Oh, btw, does yasu save the changes it makes anywhere? because I do not see it creating any backup files or so on with the original information. Just curious because with my batch file I had it export the originals, and then after it was complete import them again.

Have a happy new year :)...

01.01.2007, 12:50
After a restart the original settings will be restored. However, if you read the README YASU includes, it already says this, and you can also find a command to let it run auto when starting windows.

01.01.2007, 19:12
Thanks for the quick reply :). I actually want to batch each game though. Meaning that when I run the game, yasu runs automatically, and when I exit, yasu runs again to restore settings. Unfortunately although I can have it running the first time sillently, when you run it the second time you have to answer yes to restore settings. Is there any way I can restore those settings defaulting to yes (sillently)?

There is also an issue I have that after I run yasu my ide and virtual cd's are rearranged to different letters. I bypassed that I believe by backing up in the batch file the mounted devices and scsi keys which I believe are the only changes made in the registry, and restoring them after the game exits.

Also the changes that are made by yasu are on scsi and mounted devices keys only, correct?

02.01.2007, 04:16
Wenn ich mich recht erinner, musst du Yasu in den Autostart einfügen und mit dem zusätzliches Kommando /s ausführen lassen.

02.01.2007, 14:09
Wenn ich mich recht erinner, musst du Yasu in den Autostart einfügen und mit dem zusätzliches Kommando /s ausführen lassen.

i dont want to criticise you, but i think he wants to have the instrucions in english...

02.01.2007, 21:37
i dont want to criticise you, but i think he wants to have the instrucions in english...

Oh sorry. I thought that I've been in the german forum.

Translated by me:

Add YASU to the autostart
(Filename is for example c:\yasu.exe)
(just create a file called whatever.bat with this content:

c:\yasu -s


and make a link at the autostart folder)

All I want to say is that yasu has a silent mode.

But you could read this in the readme.txt put down in the rar archive.

03.01.2007, 19:24
I read the readme.txt and I use the -s to run it sillently. Here is the batch file I have:

start /wait C:\Hide\yasu.exe -s
start /WAIT /HIGH %1
start /wait C:\Hide\yasu.exe -s

Unfortunately the second time yasu is run, although it still has the -s for sillent mode, it pops up with a window to ask for approval to restore the registry information or not.

Is there any way to make it so it doesn't do that the second time?

I am sorry if I wasn't clear before, and thanks for your prompt reply both FnF and bismax.

Have a good day.

04.01.2007, 22:54
Could it be possible to add typing the ENTER or TAB key to the bat-file?

For better understanding:

1.) start yasu
2.) close yasu
3.) hit "tab"
4.) hit enter

I would advice you to add a little wait, e.g. 100 milliseconds before hitting the key.

Sorry, my progamming skills aren't very high.

06.01.2007, 06:58
I could program something like that. I still was wondering if there is any way to disable it.
Also I was wondering if YASU changes anything else other then the registry.

06.01.2007, 08:16
Hi all,
sorry for the delayed post(s)/response(s), i have been holiday for the last week and a half...

The only reason YASU confirms the restore of your devices even when on silent mode, is one simple fact... Sony DADC with thier cheap trick will use this to disable YASU when it does its Disc checks.... that was the only reason for creating this "fail safe"....

What i may be able to do is add a little countdown timer for the confirmation dialog, after x ammonts of seconds YASU will auto restore your devices and exit... will that do, lemme know?

best regards,

08.01.2007, 03:31
Ahhh... I was wondering if it would be too much trouble to add an extra command like -fs for force silent, where it would not wait or view the warning at all. Would that be a lot of trouble?
Also the only changes that Yasu makes are under the SCSI and Mounted Devices correct?
I hope I am not stepping my boundaries here :)... The program is awesome as it is. If at any point I step over any boundaries, let me know... It is not my intention to do so, just curious mainly :)... And it never hurts to ask :)...

Thank you again for your time to answer back, all of you :)...