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31.10.2003, 16:56
Operating System: XP Professional
Burning Software: Nero 6
Anti-virus Software: Norton Antivirus 2003
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

hi - I'm trying to install daemon tools 3.41 on XP pro and i get error 25007 - windows could not create the installer for scsiadapter.
i have no devices with exclamation or question marks in device manager, and i've tried disabling my norton antivirus, but it still won't install. any help on this would be greatly appreciated... :|

31.10.2003, 23:13
Post full error message.

31.10.2003, 23:28
ok the full error is as follows:

"Windows could not load the installer for SCSIAdapter. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance."

then i click ok and get:

"Device setup error: code 25007 (0x61AF)
-536870387 (0xE000020D). Contact your support personnel."

when i click ok once more, the installation status bar reverses as if it is undoing what it already installed, and the installation wizard closes.

10.11.2003, 04:53
no insight on this problem?

11.11.2003, 07:57
Maybe some files on your system are corrupt:
25007 error means that Windows could not register new device in system,
the actual reason is 0xE000020D. wich stands for

Please give more detailed specs about your OS and fixes installed.

12.11.2003, 09:41
well, i'm running xp sp1 with numerous hotfixes applied, and i'm actually getting this error with various other applications:

"Windows could not load the installer for X. Contact your hardware vendor for assistance."

...where X includes Volume, SCSIAdapter, Keyboard, Mouse, etc... i thought running windows update might fix this but the error occurs while using windows update as well. i've scoured the net for info on this problem, and it seems that it's a problem with Windows Installer, but i'm not exactly sure. i've also run norton windoctor, which didn't help. other than that, there's not much else i can think of, and info on the web about this is pretty limited...

12.11.2003, 15:24
also, reinstalling the windows installer service only seems to be an option in win9x/NT, which sucks...

13.11.2003, 00:29
Operating System: W2K
Burning Software: burn4free ;)
Anti-virus Software: AVG
DAEMON Tools Version: 3.41

Do you have a pre-installed OEM version or a full version of your OS? This error can be triggered by badly made preinstall configurations. One solution can be (if it is not locked out by the preinstall script) to execute the repair installation option. If you encounter massive problems with installing basically any kind of driver, it may be worth a thought to re-install your windows with another install disc (same flavour, just not OEM).